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Information for the Authors


1. Texts should be sent to the address of the Journal's Editorial Team: Katedra Studiów Europejskich, ul. Koszarowa 3, 51-149 Wrocław, bud. 21 or in electronic form by e-mail to:

2. Texts to be published in the issue in a given year should be sent by 31 March at the latest.

3. All papers published in the "Annals of European Studies" journal are peer-reviewed.

4. The information about accepting texts for publishing in the Journal will be sent to their Authors within 30 days by e-mail at the designated address.

5. Reviews will be sent to the Authors, who are obliged to make suggested adjustments and corrections in their papers.

6. Texts should be sent in the format of Word documents or in Rich Text Format (TRF). The maximum size of a text:

a) paper — 60,000 characters with spaces,

b) review — 25,000 characters with spaces.

7. Detailed information about text formatting and preparation of notes are available at in the section "For the Authors".

8. Texts that do not meet the above standards will be sent back to their Authors with a request to adjust them to the requirements of the Journal.

9. A text should include an abstract (up to 600 characters with spaces).

10. The Publishing House reserves the right to make editorial improvements to the texts.

11. By sending a text to the Editorial Team of the Journal, the Author states that he/she has the author’s economic rights to the text, the text is free from legal defects, has not been previously published, either in full or in part, and has not been submitted to the editorial team of another journal, and grants a free-of-charge consent to the publication of the text in "The Annals of European Studies" journal and to its temporarily or territorially unrestricted distribution, including putting its copies on the market and making them available online, against payment or free of charge.

12. The Authors are obliged to make corrections on author's proof within 7 days from the day of receiving it. Failure to make corrections within that time limit means that the author consents to the publication of the text in the form sent to him/her for correction.

13. The Authors do not receive royalties for submitted papers.



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